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PT. Coloured Cabinets

Factory Office : Jl. Raya Batealit Km 1,5 No. 101 Desa Bringin, RT.02/RW.01, Batealit, Kabupaten Jepara, 59461, Indonesia
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Phone : (+62291) 4290943
(+62291) 4290943

About Us,

PT.Coloured Cabinets Is an Indonesian based company that focused on manufacturing furniture, handycraft and decoration. In almost any kind of wood.

We have our own in house production line. A major percentage of what we ship is custom made furniture, this can range from a minor change to one of our existing products. To a completely new item. We have drafter on site to make autocad drawings of these projects, so that the customer always has a clear picture of what the end result will be.

Or if you just want an other finishing almost anything is possible, hand painted, spray painted, oiled and almost any colour you can think of. We can provide almost any style of furniture even if it is not displayed on our website. We also make furniture for hotel and restaurant projects. For projects and custom items please feel free to send us an e mail to request a quotation.

These items are strictly exclusive for each client. To their specifications and quality standards.
Quality is first for us, this goes for the timber used, to the drying and moisture content of this timber, to the construction of the furniture. And of course the finshing of the end product. All this closely monitored by our expert QC staff, to make sure every detail is compliant with our and your quality standards.